Commercial Roof Repair
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Commercial Roof Repair

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Quick Tips

Commercial Roof: Care & Feeding

  • Regular roof inspection, particularly after inclement weather can prevent extensive damage just in time.
  • Check gutters and downspouts for leaves, twigs and other debris that will inhibit proper drainage.
  • Keep trees trimmed. This prevents branches from rubbing against the roof and leaves from accumulating on the roof and clogging drains and gutters.
  • Stay off the roof! Walking on its surface can do a great deal of damage.
  • After a hail event with hail stones larger than ¾ inch, contact your insurer and have the roof inspected even if you are not aware of any damage.

Commercial Roofing


Installation, repair, emergency response, sustainability options and more — we offer the responsiveness of a local roofing contractor with the resources you need.


All roofs are vulnerable to events that can lead to leaks. Extreme weather – tornadoes, hail, downed trees, even seasonal cycles can damage your roof.

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"Had a new roof put on our house and they did an excellent job. Paul was very knowledgeable and professional, even calling me back almost immediately when he was on vacation. He knows his stuff. His warranty on their work is the best out there. They finished it in about half a day. Would definitely use Renaissance Painting & Roofing again."
stars- Laura G. – Austin, TX
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Customer Testimonials

"I have used Renaissance Painting and Roofing for exterior and interior house painting and roofing. They are the most professional contractor for this work around. Their prices are competitive and the service exceeds expectations. I have and will continue to recommend their work to anyone. Thanks Paul!!"
– Joseph H. - Round Rock

"Paul and his employees are a great job. I am always pleased."
– Stephanie T., Hutto